“If you love writing or … blogging or any sort of performing art, then do it. Do it with everything you’ve got.”  Seth Godin

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Blog has become a central part of many people’s life. Some share their day to day activities others share facts and trends. Many of these bloggers make money from their writings. Amazingly, there are millions of blogger in the world. Only few of them thrive to become successful. One of the main reason for this lack of practical information and lack of time.


At penzine our mission is to help busy people to start blogging. We share our experiences and knowledge completely for free.

Why should you blog?

There are thousands of reasons for you to blog and share your knowledge and experiences to the world. The first reason is passion. You do what you love and blogging is the platform to show your expertise and friend people like you.

Second, blog is a way of life. Your blog is unique, if make it unique and part of your life style. People are interested to know unique people.

Third, is for money. Top blogs like The Huffington post make more than 2.3 million dollars each month. Others make 4 and five figures each month. It is possible to make money from blogging.

And last you can blog about things that you want to know about. You can study weight loss for your own purpose and share your experience.

What do you find inside?

Inside you will find basics of blogging, how to start blogging and grow it to thousands of readers and make money from it. We discover the common reasons for blog success. In addition, we discover the secrets of the giant bloggers and how they are making money from their blogs.

At penzine our mission is to help busy people to start blogging. Our aim is to honestly solve blogger’s problems with practical and easy and comprehensive solutions.



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